Custom electronic gadgets

Our factory produce personalized gadgets: earphones, splitters, USB gadgets, chargers, speakers, power banks, etc.  We can produce the earphones and other gadgets with different unique shapes (and unique colours), according to your specific requirements. Following is some of our custom Earphones: Following is some of our custom Earphone Splitters: Following is some of our custom USB Flash Disks: If there is any of your interest, please feel free to contact us: Looking forward to cooperating with you!

TWS true wireless earbuds

Below is our new item: V5.0 TWS true wireless earbuds with touch function, auto power on and pairing, stereo calling. Highlights: * Touch control earbuds * Bluetooth V5.0 Auto power on &pairing * Stable signal / no breaking signal trouble * Stereo calling when answering a call * HI-FI 3D stereo with deep bass * unique high end charging case with metal * Magnetic charging case * IPX4 waterproof & sweatproof * Not earsily drop off * With 1500 mAh power bank for charing smart cellphone      Specifications: *Bluetooth V5.0+EDR *Chipset: zhangke blue 8832 *Supported profiles: A2DP/ HFP/ HSP/ AVRCP *Battery: 45mAh for each ear bud *Battery: 1500mAh [...]

HDMI 2.1Version Cable

HDMI 2.1Version Cable is coming~! HDMI 2.1V Specification as below, we are currently running with a discount offer and I can provide you with the discounted proposals this month. Let me know if you have any new projects also. Let me know your are interested, so that I can revert with more information on the same. Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable up to 4K100/120Hz & 8K50/60 Hz & 10K 50/60Hz Supports the 48Gbps bandwidth & very low EMI emission  Dynamic HDR Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) Quick Frame [...]

C-lightning cable

We launch C-lightning cable/ fast charging cable for iPhone, with reliable quality and compact design. Power Delivery: Use this cable with your USB-C Power Delivery charger (including Apple 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapter) to charge your IOS device, and support PD fast charging for iPhone, 30 mins charge up to 50% Charge and Sync: Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) enabled Mac and iPad Pro to seamlessly sync & charge. MFi: MFi certification and strict [...]

Connection of audio cables

The application of audio lines in life is very extensive. Many friends in our life have certain questions about the connection of audio cables. So, what are the connections of audio cables? What should we pay attention to when wiring? unbalanced connection Unbalanced connection is a connection method that uses only one signal line to transmit signals. Since this connection is susceptible to interference, it is generally used only in household appliances or in some cases where the requirements are low. the [...]

Headphone wire principle

Why is the wire so magical? How does the power cord work? Now we talk about the principle of wire working. Is the enthusiastic wire really amazing? Older enthusiasts have practical experience in different equipment to match different wires, knowing that the sound of different enthusiastic wires is different. In the eyes of novice enthusiasts, I feel how magical these wires are or how these old-fashioned enthusiasts have an impeccable golden ear. But what many people can’t explain is why [...]

Application of Eco-friendly earphone cables

In recent years, many people are awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. Not only do people practice environmental protection, but government departments also monitor and control environmental protection of raw materials in some industries. Some electronic manufacturing industries also control the environmental protection of raw materials. Our company (Orient Electronic Int’l Co., Ltd) uses environmentally friendly TPE materials for our products such as headphone cables. What advantages does such TPE materials have? The environmental industry is using energy sources [...]

Key factors affecting the sound quality of headsets

Although the living standards and material conditions have improved in recent years, moving coil driver unit headphones are still the mainstream for consumers. The same is the dynamic earplugs, What is the biggest difference between moving coil headphones? You should know the size that is closely related to headphones. Although there are many factors that can affect the sound quality of the headphones, the soul of the dynamic headphones is a moving coil unit. How to measure a moving earplug [...]