Self-Singing Microphone

Self-singing Mini Karaoke Player for Laptop /Mobile phone /MP3 /MP4

Practice and improve your KTV singing skills anywhere at any time with this professional Mini Karaoke Singing Microphone.

The microphone with a volume selection, then you can control the volume of your voice. If talk on the microphone, you can hear your voice on the earphones.
Small, Portable and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry in your pocket.

Product Description:
Practice and improve your KTV singing skills anywhere at any time with this professional Pocket Mini Karaoke Singing Microphone.

This portable KTV microphone is convenient enough to take anywhere for a way to instantly practice singing. Put in your pocket or leave it in your bag and when you have time, take it out, plug it into your mobile phone, MP3 player, or computer and start singing away! The microphone connects to any 2-channel 3.5mm earphone jack (which is present in almost all modern electronics) and will let you listen to your own voice being projected, making it sound just like it would in an actual karaoke bar.

This Pocket Mini Karaoke Singing Microphone is simple and easy to operate, without the need to install software or do any type of setting up. Once connected, the built-in battery can last for many hours, so you’re free to practice the night away. Really want to impress someone with your singing at the next group date? Don’t want to look forever alone singing by yourself at a KTV? Then this Pocket Mini Karaoke Singing Microphone is the solution.

At a Glance…
Pocket Mini Karaoke Singing Microphone
2-channel 3.5mm jack
Built-in battery
Easy to use
Practice your singing anywhere!

Main function
KTV effect
Two-channel stereo headphones, a stunning KTV live-sound, can clearly identify K song rhythm and pitch
Echo Reverb
Powerful echo sound, can then adjust the echo length
Channel switching
Kara OK to support left and right channels of stereo audio switch, singing lead vocals to the song or accompaniment patterns
Mai sound adjustment
Promise wheat volume adjustment, can be adjusted to your satisfaction the voice effect
USB data cable distribution for charging, it will save your more time and money
Together with demolition
Love by the intelligent player BDI9 wheat, stereo headphones, USB charger, audio line form, you can freely use and combination of split (it can be connected to the computer speakers for singing).