Some Testimonials from Our Customers (clients)


“Thanks for the quick delivery and great service.”

Kelvin Brown, Director of Marketing                                                                                                     


“You are the best!”

Agnes Chan, Import & Group Catalogue Buyer


“I am very satisfied, and the results have exceeded my expectations. Excellent service!!”

Lila Bedda, VP sales


“Orient Electronic has been our reliable partner in developing a range of products.”

Eric Rowden, CEO

“Thanks for finishing the order and the information. I was completely satisfied with my previous 5000+ order – terrific job. You’ve already processed the check accompanying the order and in case that was not quite enough just let me know.

Enclosed you will find a new order of the headsets. Please send the goods to the address below.”

Mary Downie, Director of Product Sourcing


“Thanks Alan, Stuart brought them into my office. They look great!”

Anthony Long, VIC Service Manager



“I got the samples and they look awesome, the build looks plus and I’m very excited!

We will be having several people test these out over the next week or two and give us some feedback after which we will probably be placing an order.”

Mark Hudson, Owner


“Fantastic, thank you very much. We hope to start a very big business.”

Antonio Di Natale, Ufficio Tecnico/ Technical Department


Our customers love the work we do.

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