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HDMI 2.1Version Cable

HDMI 2.1Version Cable is coming~! HDMI 2.1V Specification as below, we are currently running with a discount offer and I can provide you with the discounted proposals this month. Let me know if you have any new projects also. Let me know your are interested, so that I can revert with more information on the same. Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable up to 4K100/120Hz & 8K50/60 Hz & 10K 50/60Hz Supports the 48Gbps bandwidth & very low EMI emission  Dynamic HDR Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) Quick Frame [...]

Connection of audio cables

The application of audio lines in life is very extensive. Many friends in our life have certain questions about the connection of audio cables. So, what are the connections of audio cables? What should we pay attention to when wiring? unbalanced connection Unbalanced connection is a connection method that uses only one signal line to transmit signals. Since this connection is susceptible to interference, it is generally used only in household appliances or in some cases where the requirements are low. the [...]