Application of Eco-friendly earphone cables

In recent years, many people are awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. Not only do people practice environmental protection, but government departments also monitor and control environmental protection of raw materials in some industries. Some electronic manufacturing industries also control the environmental protection of raw materials. Our company (Orient Electronic Int’l Co., Ltd) uses environmentally friendly TPE materials for our products such as headphone cables. What advantages does such TPE materials have?

The environmental industry is using energy sources to increase the energy efficiency of products and facilities and reduce the impact on climate change. Save valuable resources by using materials efficiently, using more recyclable and recyclable content in the product, and recycling materials from the product at the end of equipment damage.

The era of environmental protection is coming, TPE materials are coming strong, many earphones, headphone cables and data cable plugs and connectors are made of TPE as raw materials! In addition to the physical feel of PVC, TPE compound can meet the EU requirements for halogen, o-benzene 16P, nonylphenol NP, Pahs detection standards in environmental protection. Therefore, the application of TPE environmental protection materials in the earphone cables industry in recent years The more widely it comes.

TPE compound used for the production of extruded earphones, mainly for the smoothness of TPE material, tensile strength of rubber compound, excellent coloring performance: uniform pigment dispersion, no flow marks, no fading, rubber and core The adhesion of the wire has its requirements. Therefore, the TPE compound used for the production of the extruded earphone cord, especially the relatively high-grade earphone cord, has a relatively high formula and physical properties.
In terms of hardness, the headphone wire material is generally made of a hardness of Shore A 65 to 80 degrees of TPE compound. For the appearance of the outer layer of the earphone, there is a surface glossy surface and a matte surface (matte surface). TPE material is also the mainstream manufacturing material of the current earphone cable, which makes the performance of the earphone cable more optimized, and there are corresponding level differences in the application of the TPE earphone cable.


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