What’s stereo headsets

What is Stereo Headsets

Stereo headsets, Compared with ordinary headsets, the biggest feature is the distinction between the left channel and the right channel, and the human left ear and right ear corresponding. Music through the stereo headphones output to the ear when the left channel output sound and the right channel output sound is different, the two combined with each other to make the music more so.

Stereo headsets have many advantages over traditional headphones. It will save the sound quality than ordinary headphones to complete, the user will use some of the stereo headphones when you hear some use of ordinary headphones can not hear the content. In the transmission process, the stereo headphones will be the original flavor of the music into the user’s ears, so it fidelity requirements more stringent. Stereo headphones make music more three-dimensional, users use stereo headphones to listen to music, there will be singing as if standing in front of the feeling of singing, this is entirely because the stereo headphones will be three-dimensional music show.

Stereo headphones

(1): Mono (2): Stereo (3): stereo + microphone

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