Principle of cellphone charging

How to make boring knowledge interesting? How to make abstract things vivid? We borrow a simple model of “water release” to let everyone know about cellphone charging.

Water tank: used to signal our grid, our huge grid, you can imagine a bucket of water.

Valve: You can imagine this is a charger that controls the amount of water flowing into the cup through repeated switches. If you don’t have this valve, you can imagine the consequences. We used to call it (charger) Adapter, which means the role of adaptation.

Water Cup: Can be imagined as our mobile phone battery, or tablet PC battery. Water is electricity and is delivered through a water pipe.

Mobile phone charger, in fact, is a flyback switching power supply, generally have these concepts: output voltage, output current, ripple, CV (constant voltage charging), CC (constant current charging). We can think the process of phone charging as the process of adding water to the cup through a valve. The charger is the function of a valve:

Output Voltage: The maximum water storage height allowed for the water cup. The voltage is determined by the charger design circuit.

Output current: The size of the water pipe determines the amount of water flow. The current is imagined as water flow. The current is determined by the charger circuit design.

Output Ripple: The amount of waves that are excited when water enters the cup.

Constant current charging: This is a concept that many people are confused about. You can imagine that in the state of a cup of hollow water, we use a fixed-aperture water pipe to inject water into the cup, and the water flow is constant, that is, constant current.

Constant voltage charging: When the cup is almost full, set a maximum limit water level, and the quantity is not allowed to exceed. By reducing the time and number of times the valve is opened, the water flow is reduced to achieve constant voltage charging. To figure out the concept, imagine that the water in the cup is inserted into a straw, and more or less water is sucked out of the cup, which is the concept of load. When you add water, the water is still being consumed.
In this way, is it clear for the entire charging process including various concepts?

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