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Key factors affecting the sound quality of headsets

Although the living standards and material conditions have improved in recent years, moving coil driver unit headphones are still the mainstream for consumers. The same is the dynamic earplugs, What is the biggest difference between moving coil headphones? You should know the size that is closely related to headphones. Although there are many factors that can affect the sound quality of the headphones, the soul of the dynamic headphones is a moving coil unit. How to measure a moving earplug [...]

Speaker material affect sound quality

Materials affect the sound quality of speakers (loudspeaker box). At present, the materials used in the speakers are mainly divided into plastic boxes and wooden boxes. Material thickness and quality are directly related to speaker cost, and also affect the performance of the speaker. The higher the material density of the speaker enclosure, the smaller the vibration generated by the cabinet when the sound is emitted, especially for active speakers with high-power amplifiers, and the thickness of the panel is [...]