Connection of audio cables

The application of audio lines in life is very extensive. Many friends in our life have certain questions about the connection of audio cables. So, what are the connections of audio cables? What should we pay attention to when wiring?

  1. unbalanced connection
    Unbalanced connection is a connection method that uses only one signal line to transmit signals. Since this connection is susceptible to interference, it is generally used only in household appliances or in some cases where the requirements are low.
  2. the balance method

The so-called balanced connection method is a method of connecting a pair of balanced signals by using two signal lines. Since the interference levels of the two signal lines are the same, the phases are opposite, and finally the interference is cancelled.


Due to the low frequency range of the audio, it is susceptible to interference under long-distance transmission. Therefore, the balanced connection is an anti-jamming connection method, which is most common in audio connections of professional equipment. The two-core shielded cable is also used as an audio connection cable in the connection line of the household appliance. However, it transmits the left and right channels, which are two signals and are not balanced.

The specific connection method is taken as an example of XLR connector: 1. Balance connection: 1 pin connection shield, 2 pin connection + end (also called hot end), 3 pin connection end (also called cold end); 2. Unbalanced connection Method: 1 pin and 3 pin are connected to shield, 2 pin is connected to + end (signal end).

In some cases, it may be encountered that the device interface at one end is a balanced interface, and the device at the other end is an unbalanced interface. In the case where the requirements are not very strict, only the balanced connection method is used at the balanced end, and the unbalanced connection is used unbalanced. Law, pay attention to the corresponding foot can be. In the case of strict requirements, it is necessary to use a conversion circuit to turn the balance into an imbalance or to turn the imbalance into a balance.

How to choose the connection is generally based on the specific requirements of the interface of the device. You can use the balanced connection method as much as possible. When connecting, be sure to read the instructions on the panel first. It is best to read the instructions on the instruction manual and claim.

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