How to customize USB flash drives

Companies will customize business gift each year, and custom usb flash drivers are always among the top choices. Considering that a good usb flash drive can be used up to ten years, we can say that this means 10 years of free advertising for customers. The so-called promotion usb flash drive means customized usb flash drive for the purpose of advertising. Such usb flash drive must have strong effect of promotion or adverting in both look and inner function. Now let’s see what exactly promotion usb flash drive is:

– Interior promotion on custom usb flash drives:
dividing the disk into several minor disks and adding advertising into every minor disk;
inserting auto-run function onto each advertising file because the auto-run function can make sure the advertising file pops up each time the custom usb flash drive is used by the customer;
making the adverting file in the usb flash drive in the format of un-erasable format so that customer can review it every day;

customizing the package of custom usb flash drive to be unique and impressive by printing the logo and slogan on the surface of the package;

customizing the surface of usb flash drive with dedicated advertising like printing LOGO, printing slogan, printing photos, etc.

– Usage of custom usb flash drives:

promotional gifts;

professional sales tools;

online market research;

online product catalog;

online staff recruiting ;

online products, policies and regulations publicity;

anniversary gift or commemorative gifts

–Advantages Of custom usb flash drives:

more powerful functions: support a variety of advertising, automatic pop-up ads, website links;

repeating advertising expose to customer each time the usb flash drive is used: more active, stronger, more durable;

you can design any shape according to the needs of the enterprise style: more personalized, more targeted;

affordable to every company.

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–Advantages of cooperating with us:

an ultra-low threshold, without any prior investment funds;

production advantages;

varied styles to meet customer needs;

novel fashion, unique and personality, high-tech gifts good choice.


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