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Headphone Attributes

Headphone Attributes     Once a buyer has looked at the pros and cons of each type of headphones, it is important to look closely at a few important features. This helps the buyer choose from among them. Sound Quality Sound quality does vary from one set of headphones to the next. It is important for the buyer to assess which kind of sound quality he or she wants in choosing a pair of headphones. Comfort The buyer’s likes and dislikes determine the comfort of [...]

Headphone Sensitivity

WHAT IS HEADPHONE SENSITIVITY? Sensitivity is the efficiency with which an earphone driver uses the power it receives to convert an electrical signal into an acoustical signal, resulting in clear sound without any distortion. Measured in decibels of sound pressure levels, it indicates the magnitude of loudness which can be achieved at a certain level of power from the source, usually 1 mili watt. Headphones usually have sensitivity ranging within 90-110db/mW so as to avoid volume decibel levels where music listening [...]