Zipper cable earphone


Zipper cable earphone, unique & stylish design, good quality stereo headset.

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  • Zipper cable earphone with unique design
  • Zipper headset
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1. Zipper cable will always make your new headset tangle-free!
2. Zipper earphones subverted traditional earphones flavor with their slight, smart, and style design.
3. Coming up with three sizes of silicone tips makes the earphone completely soundproof and guarantees a clear and transparent sound, choosing depending on your comfort!
4. Multifunctional microphone guarantee the clear voice input, makes your choices simple and significant!
5. Custom design earphone, with a superior audio quality.


Driver unit 10mm
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedence 32 ohms
Sensitivity 103dB +/- 3dB
Input Power 5mW
Cable 1.2m, zipper cord + textile cord
Corlor black, white, blue, etc.
Earphone Type Zipper cable, metal
Plug 3.5mm or other connectors.
Compatible media players, radios, CD, cellular phones and laptops
OEM / ODM Available

Remarks: Many different zipper earphones (zipper headsets) available.

Zipper cable earphone with unique design.

Custom design earphone, with a superior audio quality.

Custom design zipper earphones,聽make your new headset tangle-free!

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