Portable earphone splitter

Portable earphone splitter


Simply plug in any 3.5mm adapter/jack from your earphones or speakers, and then put the other two female jacks into your two 3.5mm headsets.
Thie earphone splitter, allow two people enjoy the music at the same time.
lightweight headset adapter, portable to use.

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  • Portable earphone splitter
  • Headset adapter
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3.5mm stereo Male to Two Female cable.

You can listen to the music in stereo by using this earphone splitter and standard 3.5mm headsets. Simply plug one end of this adapter into your MP3/MP4 player, and then put into the other two ends with your two 3.5mm earphones. This headset adapter also allows two people enjoy the music at the same time.

Remarks: Many different earphone splitters (headset adapters) available.

This earphone splitter work with your MP3 player and stereo earphones or compatible speakers.

Customizable headset adapter, good quality and good price.

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