Headphone Attributes

Headphone Attributes    

Once a buyer has looked at the pros and cons of each type of headphones, it is important to look closely at a few important features. This helps the buyer choose from among them.

Sound Quality

Sound quality does vary from one set of headphones to the next. It is important for the buyer to assess which kind of sound quality he or she wants in choosing a pair of headphones.


The buyer’s likes and dislikes determine the comfort of different headphones. Like the sound quality, the comfort varies from one set of headphones to the next. Some people do not like the awkward feel of earphones being inserted into their ear, while others may not like the uncomfortable hot feeling of headphones that cover the entire ear.


It is important for a buyer to decide if he or she wants wireless headphones or earphones or those with a cable. There are various headphones from earbuds to supra-aural earphones that can be used without the aid of a cable, such as the Sennheiser’s MM 450 Travel Bluetooth headphones. However, many of these types of earphones can have interference from things like portable phones, blenders, garbage disposals, and other transmitters.


Depending on the buyer, it may be important to look for headphones that block out background noise by canceling sound waves that come from the outside of the headphones. Headphones with noise-isolating capabilities are beneficial if the wearer is in noisy settings, such as on an airplane or in a car with a loud relative. Noise blocking allows the wearer to truly enjoy what he or she is listening to. These are sometimes marketed as noise-canceling headphones. Etymotic Research is one popular brand. Note that noise isolation can be a feature in in-ear earphones or over-the-ear models.

Surround Sound

Stereo or surround sound may be important to a listener. For example, a DJ or music professional may need surround sound headphones to stimulate the music. Or, a user may just want to simulate the effect of watching a movie in stereo.

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