RJ45 Network Cable

1.) Cat6 cable UTP network cable 
2.) Unshielded: 4pairs 
3.) Copper materials 
4.) 4 pairs two twisted 

5.) RJ-45 network cable, customizable.

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Specification: 4P

AWG: 24awg,26awg,28awg

Rated Temperature: 60°C or 75°C

Unshielded twisted pairs:

Conductor: 26AWG or 24AWG Stranding or Solid Bare copper

Insulation: HD-PE

Outer Jacket: PVC or LSNH

Inner Jacket: HD-PE

Impedance:100±15%Ω at 1~100MHz

Reference standard: YD/T1019-2001.ISO/IEC11801.ANSI/TIA/EIA-568B,UL 444

Print Legend: CM or CMR



1. Al-Foil Shield Reduces the Interference and Data Loss

2. Fast and Reliable Connection

3. Twisted Pairs with Bright Color for Easy Recognition

4. Ripcord and Footmark for Convenient Use

5. Smooth Jacket for Easy Pulling in Tight Space

6. Color in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue, White or as per Your Requirement



1. Computer Network Cabling Project.

2. Broadband Network Communication.

3. Digital ISDN Network and ATM 155Mbps Network

4. Ethernet Network

5. Audio and Data Transmission



Material: HDPE and FRPE

Diameter: 0.924±0.005mm

Average thickness: 0.212mm

Minimum point thickness: 0.2095mm



Material: solid bare copper

Number of pairs: 4 pairs

AWG: 24awg

Conductor diameter: 0.6MM


Remarks: Many different RJ-45 network cables available, customizable.