• Control music playback, answer and end calls, pause music, forward to the next song, etc. all by pressing the button on the mic.
  • Tap the switch once again and the music will pause.

  • Double-click the switch twice quickly and you will fast forward to the next song.

  • Stylish design to fit for iPod, for iPhone or other MP3 players with 3.5mm jack.
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    iPhone Headset with remote and mic

    • The App earphones with Remote and Mic take the acclaimed App for iPod Earphones and add a control capsule, located on the cable of the right earpiece, that includes a microphone and three buttons.
    • Here's what you can do with this convenient remote:
    • Adjust the volume by pressing the + and - buttons.
    • Control music and video playback — including play/pause and next/previous — by pressing the centre button.
    • Record voice memos on supported devices.
    • Answer and end calls.


    Technical Index: 

    Driver Dia 15mm speaker 
    Frequency Respond  10Hz-23000Hz  
    Impedence  32ohm 
    Sensitivity  121dB +/- 2dB  
    Max.Input power  50mW 
    Line  1395mm
    Microphone  4*5mm/-40+3dB 
    Stereo earphone  cleary sound 
    plug  3. 50 mm 
    Compatible For MP3 / MP4 /for ipod players. For iPhone 
    Colour  White