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USB types

Since Apple’s MacBook first adopted the USB Type-C interface, the outside world has questioned Apple’s use of such a wonderful interface so much that it will cause users much inconvenience. Who knows, in less than a year, Android manufacturers launched USB Type-C interface devices. Apple once again succeeded in driving the development direction of the industry, just like fingerprint recognition. But again, if it’s not USB Type-C fire, can you really recognize it? Even if you look at the [...]

Knowledge about USB Type-C

Many of the latest items of tech come ready to accept the USB type C cable as standard. It first started to appear in 2015 on a few new releases such as the Apple MacBook. It is now becoming more readily available and is appreciated for plenty of reasons, including its ability to operate faster when transferring data or charging smart phones or laptops. Here are three of the most appealing features of this USB C cable: Reversible connector The USB [...]

How to choose headset speakers

What kind of loudspeakers (druver units) are good for earphones and headphones? Below I provide an analysis, maybe not good enough, please advice! What kind of headset speakers are considered to be good headphones speakers? For this question, many people know one or two reasons! Good speakers, no doubt is whether it sounds sound comfortable! Its sound quality include a sound resolution, rich in detail, the layering of sound. Meanwhile, we are more important to pay attention to distinguish speakers of all frequency [...]

Traveling with headphones

When traveling on business, you need a pair of acoustic noise cancellation headphones, so you can quietly enjoy the music, doing their own thing. To achieve this kind of effect is the best noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones can be divided into active and passive noise cancelling headphones noise cancelling headphones. Passive noise-reducing headphones by physical means, by way of reduction, block noise entering the ear canal, so as to achieve the purpose of noise reduction. In-ear headphones and headband headset [...]

Romantic Gadgets

Our novel gadgets (earphones, USB gadgets, adapters, and son on), with unique and lovely designs, with good quality & exquisite appearance. Good for sweetheart, lovers, romantic gifts, Valentine’s Day, etc. What’s more, they are made to be with meaningful design, affordable price, customizable and suitable for long term usage.   Contact us today for a customized quotation tailored to your specific business needs.  

Foldable custom headphone

Below is our foldable headphone, nice sound quality.  With big space on the product, can print and show your custom pattern (or logo) on the headset housing perfectly. Features: 1. With big space on the headset, can show your unique pattern (or logo) perfectly. 2. Stylish headphone, rotatable and foldable, with soft ear cushion, comfortable to wear. 3. Custom design headphone, high quality, with a superior audio quality & deep bass, customizable. Specifications: Driver unit 40mm Frequency Response   20Hz-20kHz Impedence 32 Ohm Sensitivity 113dB +/- 3dB Input Power 5mW Cable 1.2m (customizable) Corlor black, white, red, etc. (customizable) Headset Type headband (rotatable and foldable) Plug 3.5mm or other connectors. Compatible media players, radios, CD, cellphones, etc. OEM / ODM available   Remarks: Many different custom headsets (custom headphones) are available.

Headphone Attributes

Headphone Attributes     Once a buyer has looked at the pros and cons of each type of headphones, it is important to look closely at a few important features. This helps the buyer choose from among them. Sound Quality Sound quality does vary from one set of headphones to the next. It is important for the buyer to assess which kind of sound quality he or she wants in choosing a pair of headphones. Comfort The buyer’s likes and dislikes determine the comfort of [...]

Applications of USB Cables

USB, is a generic serial bus abbreviation, and its Chinese abbreviation as “through the string”, is an external bus standard, used to regulate the computer and external equipment connection and communication. Is applied in the PC field interface technology. The USB interface supports plug-and-play and hot-swapping of devices. USB at the end of 1994 by Intel, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft and other companies jointly proposed. Universal serial bus is connected to the computer system and external devices, a serial bus standard, [...]

What’s stereo headsets

What is Stereo Headsets Stereo headsets, Compared with ordinary headsets, the biggest feature is the distinction between the left channel and the right channel, and the human left ear and right ear corresponding. Music through the stereo headphones output to the ear when the left channel output sound and the right channel output sound is different, the two combined with each other to make the music more so. Stereo headsets have many advantages over traditional headphones. It will save the sound [...]

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