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Bluetooth Sports Earphone

We customize and produce many bluetooth earphones. Following you can find our latest Metal Housing Bluetooth Sports Earphones: They are our new design metal earphones, with much SMALLER control & longer playing time. With comfortable silicon holder for hard playing & very competitive prices. If you like them, or want to customize such items, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And we will support you.

USB-C cables

 USB-C is developing rapidly which has been widely used in mobile phone ( SAMSUNG S9 /S8 /S7、HUAWEI Mate10 /Mate 9 etc.)  Everyone will have more than two cables (ones in home, ones in car, ones in office). Strong Points :  1. More faster :OD3.5// 22AWG six-core copper wires and Golden Flash 15u” PIN can supports 3A fast charging and 10Gbps high-speed data transmission.   2. More Long-life : Integrated injection molded USB aluminum shell pass 10000 bending tests for quality and durability, lifespan up to 5 years than original cables  3. More Secure : LPC chip conform to the ROHS and UL.   4. More Extensive : Compatible with 99% product on market.   What do [...]

Reliable wood headphones

All types of wood vary in density, elasticity, porosity, fiber shape and adhesion, which affect differences in the fundamental resonance frequency and material damping factor for different types of wood. The denser the wood, the lower the damping factor, and the higher the fundamental resonance frequency, the longer the duration of the sound wave fluctuations inside the wood; therefore, it will have a stronger influence on the sound at higher frequencies. Choosing wood with different physical properties can change [...]

Personalized earphones and splitters

We are selling personalized gadgets: earphones, splitters, USB gadgets, chargers, speakers, etc. We can produce the earphones and other gadgets in different unique shapes (and unique colours), according to your specific requirements. Following is some of our personalized Earphones: Following is some of our personalized Earphone Splitters: Following is some of our personalized USB Flash Disks: Our company customize and produce reliable earphones & headphones, USB gadgets, chargers, speakers, microphones, power banks, splitters, etc. To reduce your production cost, we also customize and produce various cables [...]

Quality USB cables

New USB cables is coming, with nice quality and stylish design!   USB A to Type C USB Steel Cable 1m  – Fast Charger Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S8,Google Pixel, Moto Z Z2,LG V30 G5 G6 V20, Nintendo Switch and More. USB A to Micro USB Steel Cable 1m – Android Fast Charging Cable for Samsung, Kindle, Motorola, Nokia, HTC, LG, Xbox, PS4, MP3 and More.   Features: 1. Using high quality stainless steel metal antioxidant, winding electroplated metal surface. 2. Prevent overbending and [...]

Earphones customization

Nowadays, more and more customers want to choose customized earphones and headphones, and they can ask suppliers, headphone manufacturers to make as per their own design. Customized earphones can fit for the shape of people’s auditory meatus to make the earlap, they can be different color and different shape. Here is our new made customized earphones   As to the comfort level of wearing, customized headphones are absolutely natural and comfortable, since it is made according to people’s ear shape,so they can fully [...]

Sleeping headphone

Sleeping headphones have the effect of promoting sleep. We have many stylish designs, can be customized with different lovely patterns. Sleeping headphones have the following advantages: Applicable to a variety of scenarios: You can sleep and wear, also as sleep eye mask, and for yoga sports. Medical function: Wear soft, do not hurt the ears, low pressure for head, promote sleep, cure insomnia.       3. Patterns more: According to the customer’s market needs to customize different patterns, customization costs are affordable. Applicable [...]

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