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Principle of cellphone charging

How to make boring knowledge interesting? How to make abstract things vivid? We borrow a simple model of “water release” to let everyone know about cellphone charging. Water tank: used to signal our grid, our huge grid, you can imagine a bucket of water. Valve: You can imagine this is a charger that controls the amount of water flowing into the cup through repeated switches. If you don’t have this valve, you can imagine the consequences. We used to call it (charger) Adapter, which [...]

Reliable wood headphones

All types of wood vary in density, elasticity, porosity, fiber shape and adhesion, which affect differences in the fundamental resonance frequency and material damping factor for different types of wood. The denser the wood, the lower the damping factor, and the higher the fundamental resonance frequency, the longer the duration of the sound wave fluctuations inside the wood; therefore, it will have a stronger influence on the sound at higher frequencies. Choosing wood with different physical properties can change [...]

Twins TWS Wireless Earbuds

Following is our NEW  product – Twins TWS Wireless Earbuds with magnetic Charging Case + 450mAh charging base: Highlights: Truely wireless design Automatically power OFF Charge level with LED indicator Great sound quality with stable signal,no breaking signal trouble Charging base with magnetic asorption,earbuds with wirelessly charging. Ergonomico design,comfortable wearing and not easy to drop during normal excercises like talking,running. 10m for range of making phone call wirelessly Easy to operate,the twins earbuds can identify&pair with each other automatically,no need to pair with smartphone one by one. 70 mAh battery ear bud, with  2~3 [...]

iPhone lightning adaptors

Our factory customize and produce diverse cell phone accessories. And you can find our popular models of iPhone lightning adaptors as below:   Model: OD-L01 Connector: lightning to 3.5mm AUX Cable length: 10cm Material: TPU Suitable for IOS versions before 10.2 Colour available: black, white Model: OD-L02-1 Connector: lightning to 3.5mm AUX + lightning Connector material: aluminium alloy Cable length: 13cm Material: TPE Suitable for IOS versions before 10 Color available: pink, gold, silver, red, black, blue   Model: OD-L02-2 Connector: lightning to 3.5mm AUX + lightning Connector material: aluminium alloy Cable length: 13cm Material: TPE Suitable [...]

iPhone lightning earbuds

Our factory can customize and produce diverse cellphone accessories, for example, iPhone lightning earbuds.  Item: Lightning earphones Driver unit: 14mm Frequency Range: 20-22KHz Impedance: 32Ω±15% Sensitivity: 92±3dB Jack plug: 8 pin lightning connecter Cable: 120cm approx with microphone Stock color: White Logo: 1 color or laser engraved on the microphone housing (as below picture) Packaging options: poly bag, plastic box, blister packaging, color box, etc. Remarks: 1. First use: plug in, turn on Bluetooth function on your phone and match (no need this step for future uses). 2. According to your specific requirements, we can customize and produce many different reliable headsets for you.

Football Shape Earphones

We customize and produce many football shape electronic gadgets, such as football shape earphones, football shape USB drives, football shape speakers, and so on. You can find our football shape earphones (in-ear type) as below:    Item: Football shape earbuds (customizable) Specification: Driver unit: 10mm Frequency Range: 20~22kHz Impedance: 32Ω Sensitivity: 105dB+/-3dB Plug: 3.5mm Cord length: approx 1.2m  Material: Silicone+hard plastic Logo printing: available Packaging options: poly bag, blister packing, gift box, etc.

Reliable headset accessories

Our factory mainly produce earphones and headphones. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize many products, with in-house specialists in the full design, molding, assembly and packaging process. To reduce your production cost, we also customize and supply reliable headphone accessories for your products. Some of our headset accessories: Earbud cords (headphone cables): Cable clips (cable clamps): Headphone speakers (earphone driver units):   Also, we can customize headphone accessories according to our customers’ requirements. If you have such demands of such headset accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us. [...]

Factory of IT products and accessaries

Our factory customize and produce AV electronics. Owning 3 factories in China, we customize and produce quality chargers, audio headphones, computer headsets, cellphone headsets, cables and adapters, USB gadgets, microphones, speakers, etc. Our high quality standards, timely delivery and consistently competitive pricing set us apart from other manufacturers. Also, professional OEM and ODM services are well provided for our customers. As a China professional headset factory, we are intently focused on our clients and their ultimate satisfaction. Customer service, quality, and affordability [...]

Sleeping headphone

Sleeping headphones have the effect of promoting sleep. We have many stylish designs, can be customized with different lovely patterns. Sleeping headphones have the following advantages: Applicable to a variety of scenarios: You can sleep and wear, also as sleep eye mask, and for yoga sports. Medical function: Wear soft, do not hurt the ears, low pressure for head, promote sleep, cure insomnia.       3. Patterns more: According to the customer’s market needs to customize different patterns, customization costs are affordable. Applicable [...]

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