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Manufacturer of mobile accessories

We have returned from the holiday of Chinese New Year. Our sales office work starts on Feb 26, and our production department would start working on Feb 27. New production line is installing. From March 18, our production ability of wired headsets and USB gadgets will reach 1,900,000 pcs per month. We would also produce all kinds of chargers and cables as we did before, and exploring new products for special applications. If you have any interest (or inquiry), please contact our sales department for more information.  

High quality rapid prototypes

A prototype is an initial creation of a product that shows the basics of what a product will look like, what the product will do, and how the product operates. A prototype is not meant to be the final version, it’s the rough draft form of the product. It will often have elements that demonstrate how the product will work, even though the prototype may not have the functionality that the final product will have after it is professionally [...]

Holiday of Chinese New Year

Dear clients & partners, Have a nice day! We are going to have the Holiday of Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) in the following weeks, and our office will be closed from February 10, 2018 to February 25, 2018. Thank you for all your support in 2017 and we look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you in 2018. Wish you a happy new year!   Orient Electronic Int’l Co., Ltd Our factory mainly customize and produce quality earphones & headphones, USB gadgets, chargers, [...]

Hearable Technology News

Hearables or Smart headphones are technically advanced, electronic in-ear-devices designed for multiple purposes ranging from wireless transmission to communication objectives, medical monitoring and fitness tracking. Hearables are therefore a manifestation of the concept of ubiquitous computing. Hearable market-share in 2015 was on track to be 8 Billion per year revenue generator. After Apple removed the Headphone Jack on their Smartphone the Hearable Industry skyrocketed worldwide. The Hearable industry is now on track to be a 40 Billion per year revenue generator.  Orient Electronic was founded in 1995, mainly [...]

Wired earphones factory

Our factory customize and produce various wired earphones & headphones. Our high quality standards, timely delivery and consistently competitive pricing set us apart from other manufacturers.  Orient Electronic Int’l Co., Ltd is a professional wired earphones manufacturer and supplier in China. With factory price and consistent quality, our stylish headsets would make your business more competitive.    Our diverse manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize many products, with in-house specialists in the full design, molding, assembly and packaging process. Our main Products: earphones & headphones, chargers, cables & [...]

Romantic Gifts

Our novel gadgets (earphones, USB gadgets, adapters, and son on), with unique and lovely designs, with good quality & exquisite appearance. Good for sweetheart, lovers, romantic gifts, Valentine’s Day, etc. What’s more, they are made to be with meaningful design, affordable price, customizable and suitable for long term usage.   Orient Electronic Int’l Co., Ltd Email: Contact us today for a customized quotation tailored to your specific requirements or business needs.

Stereo headset manufacturer

Orient Electronic, is a professional stereo headset manufacturer and supplier in China, with experience over 20 years.    Our products can help you to expand your market with good profits. Our factory customize and produce stereo earphones & headphones, USB gadgets, etc. To reduce your production cost, we also produce various cables (cords) for your products. Our worldwide clients are getting good profits by doing business with us. We believe that our reliable products can also bloom your business in a big way.      

Job Opportunity

We believe that growth and profits can only be achieved by caring: caring about our clients, our supplierers and our most valuable asset – our employees. If you’re ready to explore more of your potential and believe that working in this great industry is supposed to be full of passion, we invite you to join us. It’s amazing what you can do here. We will offer you more opportunities about growth, leadership, careering opportunities, compensation, diversity. Also the chance for challenging tasks, flexible working arrangements and [...]

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